“REİS” is a movie on a hero who made it possible for the people to believe in themselves again, a people that was once hopeless.

The people’s 90-year-struggle connects with his struggle for people. He is a hope that hails from the poor and immigrant neighbourhood of Kasımpaşa. He is the son of Captain Ahmet, a captain in Şirket-i Hayriye who was born in Rize, Güneysu on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. The plotline follows the story of REIS giving an account of himself to his father. The story of an 11-year-old boy trying to prove himself to his father that he is a DECENT MAN and the story of a determined mind to win the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayoral election to serve his people come together.

We are getting a glimpse of the summer of 1965 when a young Tayyip sits for the Islamic school exams. We are breathing the atmosphere and texture of Kasımpaşa which made the REIS a leader. A leader is born from among the hardworking, honest, and cheerful people mostly from the Black Sea coast, people who strive to be decent, honest and fair. Kasımpaşa in 1965 is a panorama of the country with its tough guys, workers, hawkers and craftsmen.

A young Tayyip waits for the results of admission to the Islamic School. In the meantime he sells Simit at the beach and sunflower seed in open-air movie theaters to make pocket money. On the other hand he tries to help the poor, elderly and needy of the neighbourhood by any means he can through the “CHARITY GANG" that he started along with his friends.

Whole the neighbourhood will try to vindicate itself about the the murder committed in the coffee shop of Razor Ismail which is frequented by the tough guys downtown.



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